For more than ten years, Stefania Bertini has been developing communication and show projects where the language of the arts becomes a communication instrument and a vehicle to create great emotions.

Moving from dance to songwriting to integrated arts, finally tango is born as a personal passion and changes, with the San Remo Tango Festival, into a dream to be shared with the greater national and international audience.

For more than four years, tango events, which have involved the most important performers from the Argentinian tradition, from Oracio Ferrer to Roxana Fontan, to Miguel Angel Barcos, and many of the great dancers and masters, such as Alejandra Mantiñan, Diego Riemer, Sabrina and Ruben Veliz, Erna and Santiago Giachello, Marcela Guevara and Stefano Giudice… only to mention a few, are the result of a passion and a study of the “tango universe”, by means of which Stefania Bertini and her team intend to promote the diffusion of tango culture through all of its declensions and its most meaningful interpreters.

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