Pablo Veron


World Tango icon, he brought the excellence of an art and a discipline beyond the borders of Argentina to the West and Hollywood, gaining the appreciation of great personalities, from Bill Clinton to the director Robert Duvall,  Sally Potter,  Richard Gere and Antonio Banderas.
In 1997 “The Tango Lesson” is released in great Britain. This is a movie where Sallly Potter and Pablo Veron live the passion for Tango through the confrontation with each other’s individuality.  It is a struggle-dance between self and the other, the negotiation of the shared space.  It is the most spiritual and extreme dimension of Tango.
The movie quickly lands in many countries bringing as a matter of fact Tango from niche phenomenon to
a world audience.

Pablo Veron is universally recognized as the tango dancer, loved both by the enthusiasts of Angentinian culture as well as by the common people.

Besides “The Tango Lesson”, Pablo Veron has participated in a number of film performances, among which “Assassination Tango”, and “Upside Down”, released in 2012.

His intense activity as a professional dancer and tango popularizer continues, but his appearances in events and festivals are rare and most selected.

“Aesthete of Tango…magic foot”, Veron has been able to inflect the excellence of traditional Argentinian Tango in all its stylistic forms, reaching his personal characterization of Tango Nuevo.  He is also a tip-tap virtuoso and a hip-hop dancer, disciplines that he has been able to integrate in his vision of dancing, as he summarizeed in the movie “Nexus.”

The chance to attend his Tango lessons is an opportunity not to be missed for al the lovers of this dance for couples.

In September 2012, Pablo Veron attends the San Remo tango Festival, assisted through the sessions by Dorella Gigliotti.